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New mothers’ groups are a place to come with your baby and share your questions, concerns, joy, challenges, insights, experiences and wisdom.  It is a way to break the isolation that so often occurs when a new baby arrives.  This group gives moms the opportunity to connect with other moms, to get support and learn from one another’s experiences.  In a safe, supportive environment we explore many of the practical as well as emotional aspects of new motherhood.


These groups meet over a 6-week period once a week for an hour and a half.  The groups are open to mother and baby (ages range from new born to around 4 months).  Each expert-led weekly meeting offers time for socializing, information and discussion on topics of interest to new moms.  Such topics include: sleeping and feeding patterns, nutrition, ways to comfort your baby, infant development, returning to work and childcare choices, relationships, communicating with your partner, body image, new identity, and how to take care of your own needs while being “on” 24 hours a day.

I want to provide support and help you explore the joys and challenges of motherhood while also honoring this big transition in a woman’s life!


Date/Time:     Contact us for information


Location:       Gymboree @ 1030 W. North Ave., 3rd Floor, Chicago

                          (free parking available)


Price:               $120




Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I join a new mother's support group?

Becoming a mother is a life changing experience, yet there is often little support for new parents. Many new moms report feeling isolated, as well as being unsure of their parenting skills and new role. New mothers' groups offer a supportive and nurturing environment to meet other new moms. They are a place to talk about parenting issues- such as sleep, nutrition, and baby’s health- as well as other postpartum issues including relationships with partners and friends, the decision to return to work/school, and body image.

How is this group different from other new moms’ groups?

Many other groups are run as “free form “support groups, where members bring up topics to discuss.  Our  group dedicates time to open discussion, but also includes facilitated discussion on parenting topics, with a guest speaker. In addition, each group member receives a resource folder, which includes information on books, community groups, websites and articles about the topics discussed.

What can I expect from joining this group?

Our groups are a place to meet new friends, learn new skills, and have time dedicated to you and your baby. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in discussions on different topics. You will be treated with kindness and respect. Most importantly, you will be encouraged and supported in your role as a new mother!  

What am I going to do about my crying baby during the group?

All babies cry. In all likelihood, your baby will cry sometime during the group. That is OK! You will be in a room of other moms who know exactly what you are going through. Some moms find that the group experience is a good distraction, and even the fussiest of babies enjoy the group. If there is a discussion that is of particular interest to you and you feel you cannot participate because your baby needs your full attention, please let one of the facilitators know and they may be able to help.