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For an individualized consultation, Dr. Lanski is available to any parent or parent-to-be who would like some additional resources or perspectives on parenting.  This can be helpful for...

Women who have been in a New Mom Network event and would like an extra hour to discuss some concerns on a one-on-one basis

Women that had not participated in a New Mom Network event and would like to discuss changing identity, shifting relationships, family/work balance, and self care.


Baby SenseTM

The book, Baby Sense™, has quickly risen the ladder of baby care bestsellers. Based on the success of the book, the company Baby Sense™ (Pty) Ltd was established in 2004. The objective of the company is to provide quality calming baby care products and services for parents of babies, based on the sensory principles outlined in the Baby Sense™ book.


BirthLink is a network of practitioners working with parents during the childbearing years. We provide free referrals to parents. We also offer birth options consulting so parents can make the informed decisions about where and who to birth with.

Zero to Three

A non-profit group that offers resources for parents and professionals on infant development.


BabyZone.com has become the premier online destination for highly personalized and localized parenting content and tools. It seamlessly moves through every parent's journey from preconception to pregnancy and parenting.

My Gourmet Kitchen

My Gourmet Kitchen provides you with superior dinner solutions. All of the premium menu items were designed by our chef and are made with the freshest ingredients available. Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional and time-saving culinary experience from the moment you arrive.

Busy Babe

A unique baby planner for your infant’s first six months. It’s the only planner that will have your baby’s picture and name on the front. It’s even pre-dated starting with your child’s date of birth.  It makes a great memory book of those precious moments.


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Celebrate the joy of pregnancy, childbirth, and family with photographs. Chicago based photographer Ketzi specializes in capturing what is beautiful and special about you, your child or your family.