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Positively Pregnant: Preparing for your new role as a mother

Want to meet other expectant moms? Looking for a place to discuss the joys and struggles of pregnancy?


While pregnancy is generally thought of as a time of joyful anticipation, women actually experience a wide range of emotions during pregnancy.  While joy and excitement might be present, pregnancy blues, and episodes of anxiety are also common during pregnancy.  Most women who have these experiences, however, feel isolated and ashamed.

Come join others in a supportive group environment designed to celebrate the wonders of this transition and address the challenges of pregnancy.  Learn how to cope better, build a support network, and deal effectively with the complex feelings that pregnancy can evoke.

This 4-week group will give you the opportunity to begin building your “mommy network”.  Each expert-led weekly meeting offers time for support, information and discussion on topics of interest to pregnant women.  Such topics include:  honoring your pregnant body, managing the changing relationship with your partner, being pregnant at work, your new role as a mother, the first few weeks after the baby is born, new born care, taking care of yourself after the baby has arrived and other issues raised by group members.

I want to provide support and help you explore the joys and challenges of pregnancy while also honoring this big transition in your life!


Date/Time:     Contact us for information


Location:       30 N Michigan Ave, Chicago


Price:               $100



Frequently Asked Questions:

I am only a few weeks pregnant.  Should I come?

We encourage pregnant women to attend Pregnancy Groups early in their pregnancy, in order to begin building a support system of other moms.  In addition, women in the later months of pregnancy can offer you their perspective on issues you are just beginning to face.


I have had a baby before and know what to expect.  How will this group help me?

Every pregnancy is different.  You may have questions or concerns that were not present in your previous pregnancies.  Attending the group will also give you the opportunity to meet other pregnant women who will have babies the same age as your new baby-to-be.


How will I benefit from this group if I am taking a childbirth class- will I meet pregnant women there?

Most pregnant women take their childbirth class during their 3rd trimester.  This group gives you the opportunity to get to know other pregnant women sooner.   In addition, since many couples take childbirth classes together, attending a pregnancy group on our own will give you the opportunity to openly discuss issues you may not feel comfortable talking about with your birth partner.